Satellite Programs

Photo of UMass Center at Springfield

UMass Center at Springfield

The UMass Center at Springfield is the first satellite center for the five-campus University of Massachusetts system. UMass Amherst, located about 25 miles from Springfield, is the lead campus for this new satellite program, with other UMass campuses also providing academic programs. The UMass Center at Springfield complements UMass Amherst's active involvement in the Springfield area, where faculty and staff are engaged in more than 120 programs in health, fine arts and the creative economy, natural sciences, engineering, green industries, management, sports and education.

Photo of UMass Center on Beacon Hill

UMass Center on Beacon Hill

The University of Massachusetts has enhanced its presence in downtown Boston by launching a range of academic programs at the classroom space at One Beacon Street, which houses an academic center, the UMass Club and UMass administrative offices.