A High-Quality, Affordable Education

At the University of Massachusetts, affordability isn’t just a consideration, it’s a part of our mission. Cost should never be a barrier for deserving students, which is why we dedicate more than $395 million of our own budget to student financial aid every single year.

Calculate the Cost of a UMass Education

Affordability Calculator

If you're an in-state student, our Affordability Calculators will allow you to estimate the cost of a UMass education. By entering a few pieces of financial data, you'll receive a custom estimate based on the latest financial enrollment calculations.

Just last year, UMass students received a total of nearly $1 billion in financial aid, including university, federal, state and private financial aid. UMass in-state students received 81 percent of all university-generated financial aid.

Since President Meehan assumed the presidency in 2015, UMass has increased its commitment to financial aid by more than $70 million. This increase in aid reflects the university’s ongoing effort to make a world-class UMass education even more affordable and accessible to students from all backgrounds.

Financial Resources at UMass

Cost should never be a barrier to receiving a high-quality education. That’s why at UMass, we’re committed to helping students finance their education through a variety of programs, from grants and scholarships to paid internships. Use the links below to get more information about financial aid on our campuses.

UMass Is Affordable

The cost of a UMass education is significantly lower than the cost of attending other public research universities in New England or private colleges in Massachusetts.


More Resources for Parents and Students

Whether college is years away or just around the corner, there are several regional and national resources that can help you plan your financial commitment.

Financial Planning Links


U.Plan lets you pre-pay college tuition at today’s rates and can be used at a large network of colleges and universities in Massachusetts.


Students who attend a Massachusetts community college and then transfer to a state university or UMass campus can save considerably on the cost of a bachelor’s degree.

Yellow Ribbon Program for Veterans

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers fee exemptions and opportunities for veterans at participating colleges and universities, including at most University of Massachusetts campuses.