• 82.6% bar passage rate
  • 100% participation in clinics, field placements
  • 100,000 hours of student community service

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UMass Law at a Glance

UMass Law is a comprehensive public law school that offers outstanding professional preparation, real-world law practice opportunities and flexible degree options at an affordable cost. Programs balance legal theory, doctrine, skills and experience, turning students into highly competent, ethical legal professionals who are poised to pursue justice.

UMass Law has had an essential focus on social justice, public service and helping the most vulnerable members of our society. For those of us concerned about protecting the rights of all residents of the Commonwealth, UMass Law will play a key role in that effort moving forward.” Marty Meehan President, University of Massachusetts

High-value education

Students at UMass Law receive an excellent, affordable legal education that prepares them to thrive in a changing profession. UMass Law's collegial community respects and promotes diversity in identity and ideas, with faculty members who are committed to helping students realize their highest potential and achieve their professional goals.

Hands-on experience

At UMass Law, students learn the law — and they learn how to be lawyers. Through clinics, internships, field placements and pro bono work, students integrate theory and practice, confront ethical issues that arise in practice and sharpen their skills in interviewing and counseling, case planning and direct representation.

UMass Law's modern campus features a 140,000-volume law library, practice courtrooms and practicing law clinics, all of which serve to give UMass Law students a personalized legal education that helps them grow into skilled, practice-ready attorneys.

Commitment to service

In addition to providing a high-quality education, UMass Law fosters a tight-knit community and a culture of service. Since 2010, UMass Law students have performed more than 100,000 hours of pro bono legal services and other assistance to community organizations, positively impacting the community while gaining perspective and skills that prepare them to be excellent lawyers. Nearly one-third of graduates go on to work in government or public interest-related jobs, carrying out the UMass Law mission to expand access to justice.

Fully accredited by the American Bar Association

UMass Law School is proud to provide an outstanding, affordable legal education that expands access to justice and contributes to the social and economic development of our communities. An education at UMass Law is not just an investment in a degree, but a gateway to a lifelong career in pursuit of justice.

UMass Law School is proud to pursue its mission of providing revolutionary legal education and services. An education at UMass Law School is not just an investment in a degree, but a gateway to a lifelong professional legal career in the pursuit of justice.

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Programs at UMass Law provide a comprehensive grounding in the core subjects of legal education while offering practical, hands-on experience through clinics and field placements.

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