UMass Economic Contribution Analysis

The University of Massachusetts System offers invaluable educational opportunities in a wide array of disciplines and engages in important research activities recognized throughout the world. The general public tends to understand UMass’s role in these key areas, but is often unaware that the institution is also a major contributor to the statewide economy. UMass not only makes a direct contribution to the Massachusetts economy through the spending and jobs supported by its academic, administration, and construction activities, but also generates a “ripple effect” that leads to an even larger impact on the economy as a result of demand on suppliers of goods and services as well as employee spending. 

The purpose of this report is to perform an objective analysis to quantify the economic contributions of the University of Massachusetts System and its campuses on the Commonwealth’s economy. The results of the economic contributions analysis for fiscal year (FY) 2022 indicate:

Infographics highlighting key insights from UMass's 2022 economic impact report.Three UMass infographics highlighting key insights from the 2022 economic impact report such as UMass graduates 20,000 students per year, 330,000 alumni live and work in Massachusetts, and more.

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