UMass student trustees take part in public higher education lobby day

BOSTON - The five student trustees representing the 73,000 students of the UMass system today participated in the 2016 Public Higher Education Advocacy Day on Beacon Hill, asking state government leaders to strengthen their investment in UMass and public higher education.

The UMass student trustees released a statement highlighting the impact that UMass graduates have on the state and its future.

"Over 70 percent of UMass graduates stay in Massachusetts after graduating," the student leaders said in their statement, noting that UMass graduates go on to become "nurses, engineers, reporters, doctors, lawyers, bankers and policy makers, just to name a few professions. They are ensuring a brighter future for our Commonwealth."

More than 280,000 UMass graduates live in Massachusetts.

Students, faculty and staff from across the Commonwealth took part today in the fifth annual Public Higher Education Advocacy Day, which was sponsored by PHENOM, the Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts. The State House effort was held for the purpose of seeking "increased support to ensure fully funded, affordable, accessible, and well-staffed public higher education in the Commonwealth."

UMass President Marty Meehan praised all who attended, adding: "I think it is commendable that all five Trustees, the elected representatives of 73,000 students of the UMass system, turned out to advocate for public higher education and for excellence in our university."

Chairman of the UMass Board of Trustees Victor Woolridge said, "I'm pleased that my Board colleagues made time for this important effort. State investment in our colleges and universities is vital to our innovation economy and to the future of the Commonwealth."

The UMass student trustees are: Emily C. O'Neil from UMass Amherst, Nolan M. O'Brien from UMass Boston, Jacob D. Miller from UMass Dartmouth, Amanda Robinson from UMass Lowell and Yevin Roh, from UMass Medical School.

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