UMass Amherst Student Research Awards named by Center for Research on Families

The Center for Research on Families (CRF) has announced the recipients of this year's Student Research Awards. 

CRF is committed to supporting students engaged in family research, with student researchers addressing family challenges such as malnutrition in older adults, women’s health in remote regions of the world, health effects of breastfeeding, socioemotional development of the multiracial children, how brain structures affect memory and how young children’s ability to understand language influences brain development.

The awards program recognizes outstanding student research on issues related to families.

Dissertation Award Recipients:

Bi-sek Hsaiao, School of Public Health and Health Sciences, nutrition

Sarah McCormick, College of Natural Sciences, psychological and brain science

Merika Sanders, College of Natural Sciences, psychological and brain science

Methodology Scholarship Recipient:

Christina Rowley, College of Natural Sciences, clinical psychology

Travel Award Recipients:

Youngjoon Bae, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, sociology  

Melise Edwards, College of Natural Sciences, neuroscience and behavior

Olivia Laramie, School of Behavioral Sciences, public policy

Learn more about the awardees and their research here.