Fall 2021 Rising Researchers Announced

Eight UMass Amherst undergraduates have been named Fall 2021 Rising Researchers.

They performed outstanding research in a variety of fields—computer engineering, political science, public health, biology, and more. Many have published research papers in prestigious journals. Some are determined to continue their research while they study for a Ph.D. Others aspire to apply their research to industry or to society.

The Fall 2021 Rising Researchers are:

  • Marisa DaCosta '22, public health, Commonwealth Honors College 
  • Ethan French '23, chemistry
  • Rebecca Louisthelmy '22, biomedical engineering 
  • Jiun Tseng ’22, biology, mathematics, studio arts minor, Commonwealth Honors College 
  • Mackenzie Smith '22, psychology, political science, Commonwealth Honors College
  • Shaun Ghosh '22, computer engineering, Commonwealth Honors College
  • Benjamin Aaronson '22, biology, Spanish 
  • Tieqi Sun '22, biochemistry and molecular biology, Commonwealth Honors College

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