Five Campuses, One Mission

President Marty Meehan crisscrosses UMass highlighting the unique traits of each campus and its students

The UMass System



Pre-term babies face a host of primal struggles associated with an early entry into the world. One is that they may have trouble breathing while they sleep, or apnea... Doctors from Harvard Medical School, the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and the Wyss Institute found that babies put to sleep on a vibrating mattress fared better than on a regular one.


Chancellor Michael Collins offers his thoughts on the current opioid crisis in Massachusetts in this op-ed. Chancellor Collins comments on the medical school’s new opioid-related curriculum and emphasizes the importance of collaboration between government and the medical profession in combating this widespread public health concern.


Professor Jason Hooper's students use "i-clickers" to register answers to questions posed on screens around the team-based learning classroom at UMass Amherst’s Integrative Learning Center.


When world leaders meet in Paris at the United Nation Climate Change Conference on Nov. 30, they won’t be the only ones discussing the effects of global warming. The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth will host a two-day Global Awareness Education and Action summit on the science and policy of climate change and climate-related resiliency planning.


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