UMass Performance 2014

UMass Performance is the University of Massachusetts’ annual performance report. It is intended to be accessible and available to any citizen of the Commonwealth who wants to know how his or her public research university is doing.

It is the vision of President Robert L. Caret, the University’s Chancellors and the Board of Trustees that this report serve as a tool to set priorities and foster progress in key focal areas. To measure the University’s performance, 21 goals were set within six major categories. The ratings were based on the University’s current performance compared to the trend over the past three years. The evaluations published in this report reflect the current state of the UMass system as a whole, rather than the performance of individual campuses.

Performance at a Glance


Student Experience & Success
Admit high-quality students, striving to increase the academic profiles across all campuses. excellent progress
Provide an accessible and affordable education of high quality. good progress
Improve student success, retention, and graduation rates. good progress
Foster supportive, diverse campus environments, where students can do their best work. good progress
Educated Workforce & Engaged Citizenry
Represent all regions and demographics of the Commonwealth, particularly those in underserved or underrepresented segments of society. good progress
Serve the workforce and economic development needs of the Commonwealth by focusing on strategically important areas such as STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), IT, and health care.  excellent progress
Incorporate experiential learning opportunities that complement classroom learning, such as service learning and internships. excellent progress
World-Class Research & Development Enterprise
Build on our reputation as an R&D leader.  good progress
Develop nationally and regionally significant R&D centers in strategic areas.  good progress
Commercialize technology, generate license income and start up new companies with a Massachusetts presence.  good progress
Work collaboratively to form new vehicles and partnerships to help grow the research enterprise. some progress
Enhanced Social Well-Being
Increase the number of collaborations and partnerships between the University and its larger communities (local, national, and global) for the exchange of knowledge and resources.  good progress
Promote a positive, supportive, and diverse work environment by employing a diverse faculty and staff and providing incentives for professional growth. some progress
Develop, support, and sustain special programs and pipelines promoting the transition of students across all educational sectors. good progress
Good Stewardship of Resources
Manage limited financial resources efficiently to achieve long-term success.  good progress
Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the University's operations.  good progress
Increase external support from alumni, corporate partners, and friends. good progress
Invest in campus facilities to support the University's mission, reduce maintenance costs and be environmentally responsible.  some progress
Telling & Selling the UMass Story
Spread the message in a compelling, purposeful way.  good progress
Develop and use new tools to share our success with online, digital audiences.  good progress
Ensure we are connecting with our alumni and friends in business and government...close to home and around the world. some progress