UMass Lowell Core Facilities

As a major research university, UMass Lowell provides faculty, students and regional researchers with cutting‐edge resources, training and services. Our Core Research Facilities (CRF) is a growing program which currently has more than 100 instruments and unique testing facilities open for use by corporate, academics and government users. All of our labs are professionally staffed.  The Saab Emerging Technologies and Innovation Center (ETIC) provides contemporary laboratories space for: the Biomolecular Lab which offers sequencing, flow cytometry and analytical instruments; the NanoFabrication Lab,  an exemplary clean room facility providing etching, lithography, processing and characterization equipment for micro and nano-scale projects; Thermal and Mechanical Property Lab includes a TGA, DMA, DSC and tensile tester.  The Olney Science Center has a dedicated Material Characterization Lab, specializing in microscopy, surface analysis, spectroscopy and physical property determination and a NMR lab. Our two unique facilities on campus include the NERVE Robotic testing center which facilitates improved robotic development by providing test courses for evaluation throughout the design cycle and the Rad Lab provides gamma and neutron facilities.
During FY 2016, we trained more than 170 new users, including post-docs, graduate students and external users. Training our students is foremost in our mission, which broadly impacts the regional research community. CRF has partnered with UMass Lowell Co-op and Career Center to supplement costs of instrument training during internships. Many graduates who have trained in the CRF have been hired by client companies, evidencing the broader impact this equipment has made to the regional community. Client companies value the benefit of hiring students trained in using sophisticated equipment prior to their employment.  We contribute to the community by providing research equipment and workforce training.