‘We knew that we were bound to be together forever’

Joseph Murphy and Karen Solis-Murphy, UMass Law School, ‘16

“My spouse and I met in August of 2013 while we were both law students at UMass Law. We were in Property Law class together and joined a study group. We became best friends while spending countless hours studying together in the law school library. Our friendship blossomed into an amazing relationship.

Karen got a job offer from the Department of Justice in New York City upon graduation while I was working full-time in a Healthcare company in Boston. We could not see our lives part, and so I left my job in Boston and proposed to Karen before we moved to New York City together. We then got married in December of 2016 and have lived happily in New York since.

Karen knew that I was the one for her when she could not imagine her life in New York without me. She also knew that I was the one when I was willing to leave my job so that we could move so that she could work at her dream job.

I knew that Karen was the one because her smile melts my heart and her compassionate, lighthearted attitude makes me fall in love with her again every day.

Karen and I spent the summer after graduation at the law school studying for the bar exam together.

Law school and studying for the bar exam were very stressful and trying times. However, Karen and I always had each other and were there to support each other. Our love lasted through such stressful times and we knew that we were bound to be together forever. The stress of law school made us grow closer together and made our love and friendship even stronger.”

- Joe Murphy

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