'We are who we are today because we met at UMass'

Christopher and Whitney (Keller) Leach, UMass Amherst '08

"Chris and I are the product of matchmaking by our best friend Nate (also a UMass grad). We met sophomore year and were able to share all the incredible opportunities the campus, academics, athletics and downtown Amherst had to offer.

We not only met each other there, but also made lifelong friends that impacted our relationship, and we shared a year of undergrad with my sister. We got our degrees in Accounting and Sport Management (Go Isenberg!!) and I also got my master's. 

Saying we have school spirit is an understatement, as even after college we organized buses for football games at Gillette, I participated in the Greater Boston alumni steering committee, we painted a room in our first home maroon and we go back to Amherst at least twice a year.

What makes our relationship so special is the bond we share from experiencing college together and being proud of our education and time at UMass. And it was because of this impact on our lives that we chose to have our engagement photos taken on campus. All but one person in our wedding party went to UMass, and her parents met on campus, so she is basically an honorary member.

We are who we are today because we met at UMass and both believe in the values and traditions of the campus. Going here was the best decision we ever made!"

- Whitney (Keller) Leach

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