‘The UMass connection added so much to our desire to spend more time together...’

Kim (Nathan) Morrell, UMass Amherst ’98 and Eric Morrell, UMass Amherst ‘94

"I met Kim on New Year's Eve millennium night 1999. She had just graduated from the nursing school at UMass Amherst and was a nurse at NYU. I was finished with law school and had just opened up my own law practice in New Jersey. This being millennium night, many warned to stay away from NYC, as computers were crashing and people thought chaos would ensue.

Kim was at a bar in Long Island, N.Y., with her sorority sisters from Delta Zeta. I was in Sigma Alpha Mu, or Sammy. Our houses at UMass Amherst used to be right across the street from each other. One of her sorority sisters, Jan, was there that night. Jan was the real sister of my fraternity house president Jordan Neuman, and I knew her from when she visited Jordan in high school. She introduced Kim and I, and we enjoyed a special New Year’s kiss.

We both were out in Long Island the next day and I called her to go out on a date. She agreed, and we went out with other couples and had a phenomenal time. The UMass connection added so much to our desire to spend more time together. I knew that night she was something really special. I did not tell her I loved her until a week away in Newport, R.I., that summer. We got engaged the next year, and we had a fabulous trip to Montreal.

We married in 2003, and then had children. We go back to UMass Amherst every year with our son, now 10, and daughter, 6, during the week between Christmas and New Years to visit the school. We always catch a UMass basketball game if we can or sometimes watch hockey at Mullins. We show the kids all of our favorite eating places.

On the way up, I prepare a scavenger hunt for them with all places we will take them. They get a small prize at the end for completing it from the campus center store. I always include a picture with the Minuteman mascot as a must-have and a copy of the Collegian. It is a great time for our UMass family. We hope that someday one of the children will attend our school and have the same great experiences we share."

-Eric Morrell

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