‘In September of 2014, he got down on one knee in Central Park…’

Suzanne Levy-Griffin, UMass Amherst ‘14 and Tim Griffin, UMass Amherst ‘12

"I met Tim in February of 2011 when I went to the Apple store in Holyoke, Mass., to purchase a computer for my freshman year at UMass Amherst. Tim, then a junior at UMass, was working at the store and was called over to assist me after I had made the purchase, because I couldn't get the camera to work. We introduced ourselves, made small talk and went on our way.

Eventually, we came across each other through social media and began to chat; we even planned to go out on a date. Unfortunately, that date never happened. As time is a commodity in college, we never could find enough of it to go out. Tim would eventually go on to graduate in 2012, move to Boston and begin his post-graduate life 100 miles away from me.

This was the case for over two years. I remained at UMass, where I was in the business school pursuing my degree, while Tim worked as a management consultant and often traveled across the country through the work week. However, one day in 2014 we reconnected. Three years after first meeting, Tim and I were right back where we started.

If you are reading this, you must know the way this story ends. Small chat became a first date (for real this time), and that date became a succession of occasions to see one another. Frequent trips between Boston and Amherst became a regularity, and upon my graduation from UMass in 2014 the two of us, now dating, made the move to the Big Apple. It was in New York City that Tim proposed.

In September of 2014, he got down on one knee in Central Park and asked me to marry him. I said yes. Tim and I have since relocated to Charlotte, N.C., with our miniature dachshund, Phoebe."

-Suzanne Levy-Griffin

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