‘As our friends will attest, we became inseparable…’

Nicole Berns and Alex Schaffer, UMass Amherst ‘14

"Alex and I met in Comparative Literature class during junior year. We were friendly, but that was it.

The next semester, we had another Comp Lit class together. One day, for no particular reason, I decided to switch my usual seat to the one right in front of Alex's. Alex took this as a sign of interest.

We started talking before and after class, soon realizing we were also both double majoring in Political Science. After a few walks to my next class, he asked me out for drinks. I wasn't 21 yet, so he invited me to his Passover Seder instead. I think that was the day I became the first person to stand someone up for a religious event.

Nonetheless he persisted, and shortly thereafter we started dating. We spent the rest of junior year and the subsequent summer in Amherst together, and by Fall of 2013, we were enrolled in almost all the same classes.

As our friends will attest, we became inseparable. After graduation we moved to DC together to start careers in politics. Three apartments and a rescue beagle named Milo later, Alex proposed this past November."

- Nicole Berns

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