'Michelle and I met during my sophomore year, but our friendship truly blossomed after I graduated...'

Carolyn Tiernan, UMass Amherst ‘13 and Michelle Woodward, UMass Amherst ‘14

"Michelle and I met during my sophomore year, her freshman year, working on the UMass weekly news program UMass This Week. I was the News Producer and Michelle was a new recruit I was training up on the camera equipment. We worked closely together at UVC-TV 19 throughout the rest of our time at UMass, but our friendship truly blossomed after I graduated.

Not wanting to admit that I was officially an alumna, I regularly invited myself over to Michelle's off-campus apartment, became a weekend fixture, and kicked our friendship into high gear. Now, we are neighbors in Somerville working in downtown Boston, but we have also traveled to Amherst, and as far away as Hawaii together. We're even contemplating a cross-country road trip for 2017.

Michelle is my go-to gal for talking politics, doing Zumba, exploring our existential crises, throwing down on a Friday night and for hanging out with anytime I just need a laugh. She is my #1 Twitter inspiration, and I can't imagine my life without her."

- Carolyn Tiernan

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