UMass Interns

The Future of the Commonwealth

We share the stories of UMass students who are putting their education into practice, sharpening their skills and bringing their unique talents and insights to the workforce through summer internships. 


'This isn't just a workspace, it's a place for you to work, grow, network and thrive in'

'UMass Lowell prepared me for the internship by helping me develop the problem-solving skills that I use every day to solve our challenge'

'It is amazing when you realize your actions can have an impact on millions of people'

'The diversity, love and acceptance at UMass Boston has taught me how to work well with others and how to genuinely care about the work that I do'

'I can't stress enough what a great opportunity UMass has given me to pursue my goals'

'Don't be afraid to challenge yourself - you'll be surprised what people see in you when you put your best foot forward'

'My UMass education prepared me to consistently strive for my goals and always be curious'

'Amazon's high-volume production allows me to utilize a lot more of my education than expected'

'What I’m learning in the classroom is being applied at MassDOT — it's purposeful learning'

'I've acquired a new enjoyment for the work that I am doing, and I'm excited to see where it leads'

'I would not be at my dream internship without the resources and opportunities that UMass Amherst has provided me with'

'This internship has given me the ability to bring theory into practice every single day'

'…Being a part of a new sports league is a great way to apply what I am doing in the classroom to the real world'

'I love how I feel like my opinions really matter here at FiZ'

'UMass transformed the trajectory of my career'


'My education at UMass prepared me to work in fast-paced environments and meet deadlines as quickly as possible'

‘I feel really grateful that UMass has helped me follow my dream of becoming a political reporter’

'I'm thankful to UMass Lowell for the hands-on experiences that have prepared me for real world opportunities'

'I love listening to people and trying to help them through whatever obstacles they may be going through'

'I love meeting and interviewing new faces, as it opens viewers up to the diversity of the world'

'To feel valued and know that my investment in my schooling is paying off makes me feel positive about my future'

'Branching out all the way to California has taken me out of my comfort zone, and as a result accelerated my learning'

'I learn something new every day, and I am very happy that I decided to spend my summer at the State House'

'For the first time, I felt what it's like to love going to work and taking pride in your job'

'UMass Lowell has definitely lived up to its promise to prepare us to be "work ready, life ready and world ready"'

'I can’t believe how much I learned in one summer interning at MassLive'

'UMass has given me the confidence in myself to reach out and look for opportunities like this'

'There have been a lot of moments when I have been able to connect something I did in class and apply it to what I am doing'

'Working in the President’s Office, I have been able to see just how much goes into the management and leadership of a large, public entity like a state university'