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November 16, 2016

President Meehan stresses UMass commitment to diversity and inclusion

  • The UMass System
In aftermath of election, UMass leader says hate and bias must be faced down

BOSTON – President Marty Meehan today reaffirmed the five-campus UMass system’s “commitment to diversity and inclusion,” and said it was crucial, in this post-election moment, to confront and oppose “incidents of hate or bias in our communities.”

“We have seen many reports of increased incidents of hate, harassment and intimidation across the nation over the past week,” President Meehan said as the UMass Board of Trustees’ Committee on Academic and Student Affairs met in Boston.

“We must make a clear statement that we will vigorously confront and oppose any incidents of hate or bias in our communities,” he added.

President Meehan, a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives, noted that, “elections are about change. They leave some people happy and other people less so. They can create hope -- and they can also undermine it,” and added: “This election has had an impact like no other in recent memory.”

“As we debate these issues, I know that we will do so with dignity, civility and respect in keeping with the ethos and values that have sustained the University of Massachusetts for more than a century and a half,” he said.

President Meehan said it was particularly important that “we as a university reaffirm our commitment to diversity and inclusion.”