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May 17, 2016

President Meehan praises Senate budget and $521 million proposed appropriation for UMass

Notes Senate President Rosenberg’s longtime commitment to UMass

BOSTON – UMass President Marty Meehan said the Fiscal Year 2017 budget unveiled by the state Senate today would “keep pushing UMass forward, while at the same time aiding us in our quest to maintain affordability.”

President Meehan said: “UMass has held commencements on three of its campuses, with two more to go, and when you attend a UMass graduation, you see the Commonwealth’s future being born before your eyes. The Senate’s budget would help us to create that future, and I commend Senate President Stanley C. Rosenberg for his leadership and for his commitment to UMass, to affordability and to excellence.”

UMass will award 17,000 degrees during the current graduation season.

The budget proposed by the Senate includes a $521.3 million main appropriation for the five-campus UMass system.

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