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November 2, 2014

UMass Dartmouth Graduate Owes Degree to Online Education

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2014 graduate Tiffany Kaschel says her degree wouldn't have happened without online learning.

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth University Extension helps students meet their educational goals while balancing work and family responsibilities. Offering 14 online undergraduate, graduate degrees and certificate programs. Letting you choose what to learn, where to learn, how to learn.

Recent 2014 UMass Dartmouth graduate, Tiffany Kaschel (above), shares her thoughts on what finishing her degree online with UMass Dartmouth means to her.

        “To me, achieving my master’s degree from UMass Dartmouth is an awesome accomplishment, one that I find great pride in achieving. Obtaining this degree is not just about mastering the lessons of public policy, but also learning about my own strengths and abilities. Having this degree is a symbol of my perseverance, my drive and my continuous desire to learn. This degree provides me a wonderful foundation; it is only the beginning.

If UMass Dartmouth did not offer an online degree in public policy, I would of not have been able to earn my degree. There were no comparable degree programs in brick and mortar schools in my area. I needed an online program to accomplish this. When I found the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth program was not wholly online, but also offered the type of curriculum I was interested in, it was very exciting, as I knew this would help me accomplish my educational goals.

The flexibility of the online program allowed me to work part-time, participate in internships and volunteer opportunities while earning my degree. I could find the balance that was right for me, and pursue opportunities that enriched and supplemented my education.”