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Seamus Gavaghan is an anthropology major in the College of Liberal Arts. He's also in the Honors College.
September 27, 2018

UMass Boston’s Ryan Award winner has eye toward digital anthropology


  • Boston
Ryan Award given to junior with highest GPA

Plymouth native Seamus Gavaghan was recognized at UMass Boston’s fall convocation on Thursday for being this year’s recipient of the Ryan Award.

With a GPA of 3.987, Gavaghan, an anthropology major in the College of Liberal Arts who is also in the Honors College, is the UMass Boston junior with the highest GPA. He is the treasurer of the recently revived Anthropology Club, which is beginning the semester looking at the different branches of anthropology and the interaction between early Homo sapiens. After graduation next year, he’s interested in exploring digital anthropology in graduate school and beyond.

“How does the Internet and ridiculously fast communication interact with and perhaps change our interactions with other people and society in general,” Gavaghan said. “It’s difficult to believe that something like the Internet isn’t going to drastically change the shape that human society takes and how interaction works because whereas before you could have letters, it was mostly interpersonal–you speak to people around you–you can now have the wealth of information at your fingertips that wasn’t before possible.”

In his first two years here, the 20-year-old says the vibe he felt as a prospective student has continued.

“I’ve come to realize just how diverse it is at this school than at some other schools. Here, the group of people who take classes together and interact and become friends is hugely different,” Gavaghan said.

If anyone wants to join or get information about the Anthropology Club, they can contact