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September 3, 2015

Student-Athletes Snap Selfies with Professors in “We Are One” Campaign

  • Boston

Beginning this fall, Beacons Athletics will launch a campaign called “We Are One” that highlights the relationships our student-athlete population shares with administration, faculty, and staff.

The initiative recognizes the complete experience of our sports teams: to succeed at UMass Boston, student-athletes must be strong in the classroom to stay strong on the field, court, ice, or track.

Through “We Are One,” Beacons athletes will draw attention to the mentors who are the backbone of our university and ensure all students thrive. Participating students include sophomores, juniors, and seniors who compete on all 18 of our teams.

Before each season begins, players will nominate professors who have helped them grow at UMass Boston and snap “selfies” with them. The Division of Athletics and Recreation, Special Projects and Programs hopes to personalize the bonds our student-athletes enjoy with administration, faculty, and staff by sharing those photos on social media, the Beacons Athletics website, and on the website, fostering an even brighter team atmosphere on campus.

Vice Chancellor for Athletics and Recreation, Special Projects and Programs Charlie Titus took the first "selfie" of the campaign with track and field member Jazmine Smith and men's ice hockey captain Albee Daley.

The “We Are One” campaign is also one more way students can recognize and thank the professors, staff, and administration who support them through their years of study, to graduation and beyond.

Community Outreach and Engagement Coordinator Oderra Jones and Sports Information Director Dave Walberg have spearheaded the campaign.

For full rules, visit the Beacons Athletics website.