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May 21, 2015

Men’s Soccer Team Receives Championship Rings


  • Boston
The Men’s Soccer Team Won Their First LEC Crown This Fall

Their season may have wrapped in November, but it was worth the wait for the men’s soccer team, who received their Little East Conference championship rings in a special ceremony on Wednesday.

“You’ve proven you can win,” Vice Chancellor for Athletics and Recreation, Special Projects and Programs Charlie Titus said in presenting the rings. “We had some exciting moments.”

The Beacons won the Little East Conference title with a 2-1 double overtime win over Keene State College in the championship game back in November.

“When I look at all of you, I see this cadre of talent, people who can support each other, back each other up and go out on to the field in support of each other, whether it’s practice, whether it’s playing on the field when someone’s injured and not skipping a beat, or supporting each other inside and outside of the classroom,” Chancellor J. Keith Motley said.

Ring ceremonies are a tradition for UMass Boston’s conference champions.

Motley said thanks to recent baseball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, and track team wins, he now has a “few hands full” of rings, and he enjoys the visual reminder of the talents of UMass Boston students. He encouraged the student athletes to remember this day, and this past season, as well.

“Remember this experience,” Motley said. “It’s one that’s going to last you for the rest of your life. No one is going to be able to take away the fact that you were at this institution and that you have accomplished so much.”