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Tirru Larode, Nobert Simon, and Anthony Santiago have two connections: They are criminal justice majors and were are all members of UMass Boston's track and field team.
May 27, 2017

Meet the undergraduate students in UMass Boston’s Class of 2017


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As UMass Boston Today stopped to speak to the seniors in the Class of 2017, one concept kept coming up over and over again—the people of UMass Boston. When asked what they'll miss most about UMass Boston, it was the people that were on these graduates' minds.

You could tell nursing majors Kelley DeLorey, Grace Krahforst, Jenna Pope, Amelia Wietman, and Asen Jamir were friends because of how they answered our questions—in unison. Yes, they decided to decorate their mortarboards together. And next? They need to get their nursing licenses. 

We found communication majors Jessie Keech and Molly Slattery cracking themselves up over UMass Boston's Class of 2017 Snapchat filter. They met each other in the program.

"I love all my professors—shoutout, Dr. Gregg," Slattery said.

"I've met so many good people here. It's awesome," Keech said.

Criminal justice major Luciano Cirino Ayuso has been friends with business management major Miranda Chu since freshman year. They're such good friends that she came to the College of Liberal Arts holding area from the College of Management holding area to pose for selfies. Cirino Ayuso served in the Marines until 2011. Now he's looking to go into the Army as a lieutenant.

Tawnja Benton and Katherine Fissel had classes together as early education and care in inclusive settings majors. Benton has already gotten a job as a toddler teacher for Bright Horizons. She hopes to be a preschool teacher someday, making the kind of impact that her UMass Boston professors made on her. 

"They're always there for you," Benton said.

Environmental science major Jonah Roscoe, second from right with other School for the Environment graduates, is moving to Vermont in two weeks to work on trail management.

Even though Yasmari Barros and Bernard Hilton are graduates of the College of Advancing and Professional Studies's global affairs program, this is the first time they've met in person. The program is all online. Boston native Hilton flew from Los Angeles, where he's been living for the last four years, to be here today. 

"I've always been interested in world cultures and affairs and about 18 months ago, I got an urge to go back to school. I was looking for schools on the West Coast and nothing really could interest me or fit my schedule. I looked back at UMass Boston, where the bulk of my credits were, and found this online program," Hilton said. He's considering going into the Army after graduation.

"I deal with cultural diversity every day in property management, so [this program allowed me to] diversify myself in multiple aspects," Barros said. "I work 50 hours a week, have two kids, am a wife, and it was tough, but it was easier than going to campus at 6 or 7 at night when I'm supposed to be cooking dinner." 

This is the second cohort in the global affairs bachelor's program.

Chemistry and biology major Sina Foroutanjazi, here with biochemistry major Peter Niimi, are both headed to graduate programs. Foroutanjazi is grateful for the researching and teaching opportunities UMass Boston afforded. Niimi put it this way: "I'm definitely going to miss the community and how they connected all of us—put us all together, and how I've made friends that will last a lifetime."