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Chancellor Michael F. Collins
October 1, 2016

Chancellor Collins: Focus on health care, biomedical research in 2016 elections

  • Medical School
Worcester Medicine op-ed outlines challenges and opportunities for the next administration

UMass Medical School Chancellor Michael F. Collins laid out the case during this election season for health care reform and biomedical research funding in an op-ed published in the September/October issue of Worcester Medicine, the magazine of the Worcester District Medical Society.  

“As the nation marches toward Election Day . . . many leaders of academic health sciences universities cannot help but notice all that is missing from our national conversation,” Chancellor Collins wrote. “As an electorate, we seem to be losing sight of the consequential issues of health care and scientific research.”

His commentary addressed concerns about the future of health care reform under the Affordable Care Act; continuing shortages of primary care physicians and of residency slots for new medical school graduates; stagnant research funding from the National Institutes of Health; and the need to improve care for the nation’s military veterans.

“There is little question that the future pathways of these critical societal issues will be shaped by the outcome of November’s vote,” Collins wrote. “Voters should be afforded clear explanations and robust debate about each candidate’s plans for the future of our nation’s health care system.”

Read the full op-ed “The Election Conversation We Should Be Having” on page 11 in Worcester Medicine.