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Photo of UMass Lowell by Juliana Chapin
August 10, 2017

10 signs you're ready to go back to UMass


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Yep, it's that time of year again. You've perfected your tan, hung out with all your friends, caught up on sleep in between working long hours and gained more weight than you're willing to admit. Now, summer's almost over and school is just around the corner. And let's be honest, you're kind of excited about it. Here are 10 signs you're ready to go back to UMass:

1. You loved the first month off, but now you’ve had enough.

Tweet about missing UMass

The beginning of the summer was all smiles, visiting old friends and enjoying mom’s home-cooked food. You had plans to lose some weight, save some money and spend time with your family. Now that three months have passed, you’ve come to realize that not only did you NOT save money, but you lost some — oh, and you also gained five pounds from your mother’s dinners. Your friends just keep talking about how ready they are to go back, and you’re all out of plans. Your life consists of working, sleeping and working again. You miss campus, your friends, your other home.

2. You’re oddly missing your professors (well, some).

Man looking sad

I’ve drafted about 10 different emails to various professors but then thought to myself No, David —  it’s summer. Let them live! I typically end up sending them anyway. They usually aren't even work-related — just a typical “How’s life? How are the kids? Have a good fourth?” But every now and then I do have a class question. Either way — even though we may not want to admit it, we miss some of them! 

3. You’ve watched all the new Netflix shows already.

Party scene from The Office

Every night you get into bed, turn on your TV and find yourself scrolling through the same selection of shows you shuffled through last night. You’ve already watched “House of Cards,” “Stranger Things,” “Master of None,” the new “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” (which was eh), “Orange Is the New Black,” “The Office” (seven or eight times through) and “Dear White People.” You end up just watching “The Office” again, because why not?

4. You get sad when you see your friends on the Snapchat geolocation and they’re on campus.

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The new Snapchat feature is slowly becoming a torture device for many of us. For those of you who haven’t downloaded it yet, you can now see where all your friends are on a map, and it’s always live. It’s likely that if your friends are upperclassmen who bought an apartment near campus, they’re staying there during the summer, so while they’re living it up on campus, you’re stuck at home doing your unpaid internship. And with the new geolocation feature, you’re reminded of this fact on a daily basis. Thanks, Snapchat.

5. You’re starting to miss the dining hall.

Ron Swanson happy at a buffet

Even if you don’t go to UMass Amherst — which has the best food in the country, according to the Princeton Review — chances are you’re missing the dining hall. There’s something about the social environment there that’s hard to find anywhere else. You miss walking into the good ole d-hall with ready to eat food and a table full of friends. It’s basically your happy place.

6. You want constant access to your friends again.

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You’re excited to bump into people in the dining hall, to study with your friends and to blow off some steam on the weekend with your crew. The incredible thing about dorm life is that we get to be near our friends at all times. For the most part, everyone we share classes with is just a hall or building away. You’re ready to run down the hall and be with all your buddies again.

7. You keep thinking about all the local spots near your campus.

Kramer from Seinfeld eating food

Depending on which UMass you go to, this may be downtown Amherst or the Boston Harborside, but for me it’s downtown Lowell. There are a number of places I miss near campus, and I find myself craving their food at 3 a.m. Far too often I’m thinking about Angelina's buffalo chicken calzone, Egg Roll Cafe’s egg rolls, and Suppa’s pizza. I’m not the only one experiencing this… right?

8. You miss the quality Wi-Fi.

Spongebob character smashing his computer

If you go to UMass, not only do you know what eduroam is, but you have a very strong love/hate relationship with it. It’s great that you get to use it whenever you are on a UMass campus, but it’s also been known to tease us at the worst times. It seems that it’s only when you’re about to submit a paper that your Wi-Fi signal suddenly cuts off. Eduroam loves to play games, but we wouldn’t be able to get any work done without it.

9. You miss walking around campus during those incredible fall sunsets.

Sunset at UMass Lowell

I'm from UMass Lowell (some say the best UMass), and anyone from Lowell knows you’ll see the most incredible sunsets over on South Campus. Nothing beats walking around on campus after class and having those few moments to clear your mind, when you feel like your whole future is ahead of you and all you have to focus on right now is school...and getting a couple of great sunset pictures for the gram.

10. You’re ready to get to work.

You’ve had ample time to sleep, hang out with friends, save up some money and do absolutely nothing. Four months of it to be exact. Now you’re ready to get back to work and feel productive again. You’re ready to start training for your team, doing that extra event for your club and writing those elaborate papers for your classes. You’re ready to be in the library until 1 a.m. You’re ready for the syllabuses, the exams and the lectures. There's been plenty of time for rest — now you’re refreshed, energized and ready to show UMass just how ready you are. 

David Todisco is a rising senior at UMass Lowell majoring in political science and minoring in Italian. He is currently a communications intern at the UMass President's Office. Find him on Twitter @davidrtodisco or on Instagram @dtod.