Economic & Public Policy Research

Applying an extensive background in research and analysis to projects that monitor, examine, and forecast economic and demographic changes, the UMass Donahue Institute’s Economic and Public Policy Research (EPPR) group works with public and private agencies throughout the state and the region to measure the impact of industries and investments on the economy and its workforce.

Projects and Initiatives

EPPR conducts rigorous economic impact analyses that trace the direct effects of industries, policies, investments, or business ventures on local, regional and state economies. These analyses provide information to the public and decision makers, demonstrating how various industries or investment decisions impact regional economies and giving a greater understanding of which projects or programs will have the greatest impact on the regional economy.

The Massachusetts State Data Center is a cooperative program between the states and the Census Bureau, which makes data available to the public through a network of state agencies, universities, libraries, and regional and local governments. The UMass Donahue Institute also houses the Population Estimates Program (PEP), the formal mechanism through which the Commonwealth helps ensure accurate U.S. Census estimates and counts. As the state’s liaison to the U.S. Census Bureau for population estimates and projections, PEP supplies critical data updates for Massachusetts that are incorporated into the official U.S. Census annual population estimates.

MassBenchmarks is the journal of the Massachusetts economy, which often includes periodic economic analyses of major geographic regions within the Commonwealth, key industries that make up the economic base of the state, and balanced economic perspectives on key policy and investment issues facing Massachusetts. Editorials and articles provide commentary and interpretation of economic data aimed at business and labor leaders, public policy makers, and the general public. In addition to publishing biannual journals, the MassBenchmarks board also releases current and leading indices of the Massachusetts economy, excerpts examining Massachusetts economic outlook, and updates and interpretations of current economic trends.