University Reports

University Initiatives

The University publishes occasional reports on key initiatives, including Cybersecurity, Efficiency and Effectiveness, and Sustainability.

Annual Reports

The University publishes five key annual reports, which measure progress toward achieving legislatively mandated strategic priorities approved by the Board of Trustees. The reports include the Annual Report, Fact Card, Student Profile, Annual Indicators and R&D Expenditures. These publications are available for download on our annual publications page.​

Planning Reports

The University of Massachusetts' approach to planning begins with a mission statement and goals approved by the Board of Trustees, which provide the foundation for specific plans designed by the five campuses.  The five-year objectives, outlined in these reports, position the campuses to better serve the students and the Commonwealth.

Financial Reports

The University details its strategic fiscal planning activities and operating budget, capital and other reporting activities in its annual financial reports. The University makes every effort to publicize and ensure accessibility of its financial and budgetary information.