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New Video Highlights UMass World Class Ranking

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The University's latest television ad, "Truly World Class," shows off the students and faculty -- and the beautiful campuses and surroundings -- of the University of Massachusetts system. The ad is narrated by Bill Pullman, the star of stage and screen who just happens to be a UMass graduate. Bill earned his master's in fine arts at UMass Amherst and, like so many UMass graduates, has found success and acclaim in his chosen field.  He is one of Hollywood's busiest actors but always finds the time to assist his school.

"Truly World Class" shows you a small slice of the University that was recently named one of the best in the world in the Times of London's 2010 World University Rankings. The Times called UMass "Truly World Class" ... and we liked the description so much we decided to use it as the title for our new television spot.

We hope you also get a chance to watch some of our previous advertisements, which will introduce you to the students, faculty and graduates of the five-campus of the University of Massachusetts system.

They are ... and their University is ... Truly World Class.



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 UMass Students

 Passion and PurposeUMass President Jack M. Wilson invites students to find their passion and purpose at the campuses of the University of Massachusetts.

Cornelius Taabazuing of UMass Amherst is pursuing a career in research and has strong interests in two areas: cancer research and research aimed at combating the rising tide of drug-resistant bacteria.

Adanma Osakwe, a UMass Boston student, sees economic development as the key to improving living conditions in her native Nigeria and will work to bring prosperity to her homeland.


 UMass Research

 Imagine VideoSee how this state, region and world are  being imagined and created at the University of Massachusetts.


 On Our Side VideoWhen the fishing industry saw the worst times in over forty years local fishermen relied on the research of UMass to prove that there were more scallops on the ocean floor than was widely believed.


 Saving Our ChildrenSee how research being conducted at the University of Massachusetts is preventing the transmission of AIDS from mother to child in the developing world in "Making the World a Better Place: Africa"


 UMass Alumni & More

 Something to Be Proud Of VideoThe Emmy award winning television campaign titled "Something to be Proud of," highlights its prominent alumni, current students, and professors.
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 The Future I Imagine VideoUMass television advertisement features six UMass graduates, President Jack M. Wilson and Nobel Laureate Craig C. Mello, PhD.
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 Nobel Pride VideoThe University of Massachusetts Medical School's Craig C. Mello, PhD, and his colleague Andrew Fire, PhD, of Stanford University, have been awarded The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 2006.
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Jennifer Benson, a marine sciences student at UMass Dartmouth, sees healthy eel grass beds as the key to keeping coastal waterways clean and vibrant.


Brianna Norton of UMass Lowell is the founder of Nursing Students Without Borders and wants to bring high-quality health care to the developing world.



John Fallon of UMass Medical School visited the Worcester campus on a high school field trip and says that visit set him on a course that is leading him to a career as a surgeon.




 JenGovernor Deval Patrick cites the transformative power of education and describes the University of Massachusetts as "the launching pad for so many success stories.
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