A UMass Special Video Series

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Special Video Series

The University of Massachusetts is launching "Moments You Never Forget," a video series that illustrates how UMass shapes and transformed the lives of its graduates.

Graduates from all five UMass campuses recall the moments that loom large in their lives and careers. See all of the videos here.

The series features:

  • Joseph Abboud, UMass Boston 1972, who studied in Paris as part of his undergraduate program and remembers the exact moment he decided to follow his heart into the fashion industry. "That all came through the University of Massachusetts ? it's one of those moments you never forget." See the video.
  • Bryony Bouyer, UMass Dartmouth 1986, who arrived in the United States at age 13, recalls a life-changing epiphany: How an advertising class made her realize that she could inspire and lead. Bouyer, now a senior vice president at Hasbro, notes: "That moment, that sense of leadership, is everything in business. A UMass education can absolutely transform lives. It transformed mine." See the video.
  • Cady Coleman, UMass Amherst 1991, whose journey to space began at a UMass laboratory when the then-graduate student realized where her love of science and thirst for exploration was leading her. Coleman says she developed a skill at UMass that she has proved critical to the success of her Shuttle and International Space Station missions. She notes: "Being an astronaut means that I lead a lifetime of learning. You have to be good at trying to figure out how to learn new things. At the University of Massachusetts, I learned how to learn." See the video.
  • Erik Domingues, MD, UMass Dartmouth 2006, UMass Medical School 2010, relates how his mother inspired him to pursue a career in medicine and remembers his family's shared dream coming true. Domingues revisits the unforgettable moment when he walks across the stage at commencement, hears his mother's cry of joy and thinks: "This is it, I'm finally a doctor." See the video.
  • Beth Ferguson and Jay Ferguson, MD, both 2012 graduates of UMass Medical School, talk about the special culture that exists at the school. Beth, a nurse, notes: "At UMass, everyone wants to help others." Jay, a physician, recalls the moment when he recognized his total commitment to his patients. He also notes: "The moment I got to UMass, I knew I was in the right place." See the video.
  • Julius Erving, UMass Amherst 1986, who left UMass after his junior year to play professional basketball but made a commitment to his mother that he would still earn his undergraduate degree. Erving recalls the moment his degree was awarded: "We all celebrated. That's how the promise was made and the promise was kept." See the video.
  • Marty Meehan, UMass Lowell 1978, remembers how a transformative course placed him on the path of public service -- a path that brought him to the United States Congress and now to the chancellorship of his alma mater, UMass Lowell. "It made me really think about change and how important it was. So, I've always had a passion in me because of that." See the video.

For 150 years, the University of Massachusetts has been changing and improving lives -- and producing unforgettable moments.

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