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The University of Massachusetts is a state agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. As such, the University's liability for the negligent acts of its employees is limited by chapter 258 of the Massachusetts General Laws. Under these provisions, employees can be immune from liability for acts of negligence committed within the scope of their employment and the University's liability for its employees' negligence is capped at $100,000 per claim.

Claims against the University for negligence resulting in personal injury or property damage must be presented to the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Additionally, the University's Risk Management and Insurance Office is the primary point of contact for reporting general liability incidents and claims. Working in partnership with the University's General Counsel's Office, our office will be responsible for the overall coordination and management of the University's general liability claims. We will rely upon the legal expertise and guidance of the General Counsel's Office in investigating, managing and responding to the University's general liability claims. The Treasurer's Office will provide notice of claims to the applicable insurance companies, and conduct a review of claims to assess liability and/or potential settlement prior to the filing of any suit. If suit is filed against the University for any negligence claims, the Attorney General's Office represents the University and works closely with the University General Counsel's Office and the University insurers in the defense.

General Liability Claims and Incident Reporting Form:

This form should be used to report University related incidents involving bodily injury and/or property damage. This form is not intended for use in reaction to worker's compensation, automotive, or employment related matters. For worker's compensation and employment related matters contact your campus Human Resource office. For automotive related claims, visit the University Treasurer's Office web site or call (774) 455-7588. This form should only be filled out by an employee of the University.

*This form is for internal use only and is confidential.*

If you receive any correspondence from a party claiming or intending to make a claim against the University related to some past incident which resulted in bodily injury or property damage, please direct them to the Treasurer's Office.


Please complete the General Liability Claims and Incident Reporting Form as soon as possible subsequent to an incident resulting in bodily injury and/or property damage to others. Complete the form including as much detail as possible. The form should be completed regardless of whether or not you expect a claim to be made or a police report to be filed. Completed forms should be sent to the Treasurer's Office and your campus claims representative identified below.

Please remember this form should only be filled out by University Employees. This form is for Internal Use only and is Confidential.

The purpose of this reporting process is to allow for early identification and investigation of potential liabilities. As a result of completing this form you may be contacted by your campus representative, the University General Counsel's Office or the University Treasurer's Office for additional information. You should not discuss or provide any written information to anyone other than the above-mentioned offices or the police, and never admit or assign fault or liability.

Completing this form will also assist the University in identifying possible corrective action to avoid further incidents.

CLAIMS ADMINISTRATION: The University and Commonwealth departments involved in claims against the University are:

University of Massachusetts
Office of the General Counsel
333 South Street, 4th Floor
Shrewsbury, MA 01545-4176

University of Massachusetts
Treasurer's Office
333 South Street, Suite 450
Shrewsbury , MA 01545-4176

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Attorney General's Office
One Ashburton Place Boston, MA 02108

President's Office Representative
University Treasurer's Office
Matthew Wamback

Amherst Campus Representative
Ruth Yanka
Administration and Finance

Boston Campus Representative
Neil Rosenburg
Administration and Finance
Dartmouth Campus Representative

Lowell Campus Representative
John Perroni
Controller's Office

Worcester Campus Representative
Bill Tsaknopoulous
Administration and Finance

Worcester City Campus Corporation Representative
Roberta Alera
Financial Services

Please contact Matthew Wamback in the University Treasurer's Office if you have any questions or need additional information.
Phone: (774) 455-7588
Fax: (774) 455-7592

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