Public Service Awards 2007

M. Idali Torres

Associate Professor of Public Health
UMass Amherst

For the past six years, M. Idali Torres has worked tirelessly to address public health issues in communities throughout Western Massachusetts, with a particular focus on the cities of Springfield and Holyoke.  To achieve her goal of developing a greater understanding of Puerto Rican women's socio-behavioral strategies to promote and protect health and identify culturally constructed opportunities for health education interventions, she has emphasized the creation of partnerships with organizations such as Caring Health Center and Partners for a Healthier Community.

Her work has focused on a wide variety of public health issues, ranging from HIV/AIDS prevention to diabetes education to sexual health education for youths.

This past year, she resurrected a partnership between the UMass Amherst School of Public Health and Health Sciences and the Commonwealth's Department of Public Health to address the need for advanced professional training for school health teachers and staff.  She was also appointed to Governor Deval Patrick's Health Care Working Group during his transitional period.

Through her efforts, Torres demonstrates a longstanding dedication to enhancing the public health of local communities throughout Western Massachusetts.

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Public Service Awards 2007