Public Service Awards 2008

Susan Krumholz

Associate Professor of Public Health
UMass Dartmouth

Susan Krumholz, Ph.D., offers a powerful example of how creative and courageous public service can enhance teaching and learning. A professor in the Crime and Justice Program, Dr. Krumholz has brought the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program to UMass Dartmouth and the SouthCoast. The course brings University students behind the walls of the Bristol County House of Corrections to take courses with the prisoners. The course is based on a national model designed to deepen the dialogue about issues of crime and justice between those who are going to work in the justice system and those who are on the inside.

About 30 students go through the program each year: 15 "inside" students and 15 "outside" students. They meet together for two and a half hours each week, doing small and large group exercises, with Dr. Krumholz encouraging interaction and discussion over lecturing. The outside students get to know the inside students individually, while the inside students get to see that they can participate and compete in a college class.

Students participating in the program receive a unique educational experience, and the prisoners are exposed to the value of learning and critical thinking that helps to empower them to lead productive lives when they return to the community. In addition, Dr. Krumholz takes what she learns from the particular pedagogy she uses in the class back to her other classes at UMass Dartmouth.

Dr. Krumholz's strong desire to provide her students with a quality education and tackle some of the community's most difficult challenges led her to establish the program locally. Many students say it's the most amazing education experience they have ever had.

Dr. Krumholz is an associate professor of sociology, anthropology, and crime and justice studies at the College of Liberal Arts at UMass Dartmouth. She earned her Ph.D. at Northeastern University.

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Public Service Awards 2008