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Student Fee Rebate


Q: Why is a rebate being issued?        

A: As a result of a reduced state appropriation that anticipated a $102 million revenue shortfall for Fiscal Year 2010, the University of Massachusetts instituted a $1,500 increase to mandatory in-state undergraduate student fees for the two-semester academic year.

At the time that the increase was voted, President Wilson, the Trustees, and the Chancellors said they hoped that fiscal circumstances would allow them to rebate a significant portion of the fee increase. On Friday, August 7th, President Wilson announced that the University would move forward with a fee rebate and that in-state, undergraduate students will receive a $1,100 rebate for academic year 2009-2010.

The rebate was made possible by the allocation of additional federal stimulus funds to the University by the Governor's Office and the work of the Legislature to direct as much support to the University as possible within the State's constrained budget.  UMass received a state appropriation of $411 million and two installments of federal stimulus funds totaling $118.6 million-restoring its level of State support to FY09 levels.

Read the official press release:

Q: If the fee is being partially rebated what is the net increase in mandatory fees for 2009-2010?

A: The expected effect of the rebate is to reduce the increase in fees to in-state undergraduate students to only $400.  This means that for the sixth consecutive year, the student-fee increase at the University of Massachusetts will be at or below the rate of inflation.

Q: How do I know whether I am eligible for the rebate?

A: Every in-state undergraduate student who paid the fee increase is eligible for the rebate; however, many students who receive need-based financial aid have already effectively seen their fees reduced.  Each campus will disseminate general information about the rebate process and the impact on student fees via email by the end of August.

For more information, please visit your campus web site:

UMass Amherst:
UMass Boston:
UMass Dartmouth:
UMass Lowell:

Q:  How will I receive the rebate?     

A:  Rebates will be processed on each University of Massachusetts campus by its Bursars Office and Financial Aid Office.  Each Bursars Office will apply a "Fee Rebate" to all in-state undergraduate bills, adjusting for less-than-full-time enrollment.

Q: If I receive financial aid, how will the rebate impact my financial aid award?

A: Financial aid recipients may not see any change in their net cost of education because for many aid recipients, the $1,500 fee increase has already been offset by a corresponding increase in financial aid.  

  • Massachusetts students receiving more than $1,100 financial aid grants or fee rebates: A revised award notification will be emailed to student that may replace some or your entire grant award or fee waiver with a corresponding "Fee Rebate."
  • Massachusetts students receiving less than $1,100 in total financial aid: Other financial aid (e.g., loans) will be reviewed to ensure over-award does not occur with the increased rebate amount.  A revised award notification will be sent.
  • Massachusetts students receiving no financial aid award: Student costs will be adjusted to reflect $1,100 "Fee Rebate" and a credit will be issued to your account or you may receive an actual refund check. 

Q:  When will I receive the rebate or credit to my charges

A:  Eligible students will see a rebate credit of $550 applied to the fall and spring semester bills.  We are hopeful we will be able to begin issuing rebates in the next four to six weeks, but timing will in part be determined by when the state distributes funds to the University.  Refer to the campus websites listed above for more information on the timing of the rebate.  In the event that you have paid 100% of your tuition for the year in the first semester, you will see the full credit of $1,100 in the first semester.

Q:  What if I am on a 10-month payment schedule?

A:  Each campus will provide information to students enrolled in monthly payment plans on how the plans will be adjusted for the expected rebates.

Q:  I am an out-of-state student.  Why am I not eligible for the rebate?

A:  Because the rebate is made possible with funds allocated to the University of Massachusetts by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the rebate is limited to undergraduate students who are residents of the Commonwealth.

Q:  I am a graduate student.  Am I eligible for the rebate?

A:  Support of graduate students in a research university environment is derived principally from faculty research funding and is awarded predominantly on the basis of merit rather than on financial need.  Further, this support is raised and is allocated mostly by the departments to which the students are admitted and the individual faculty whose research and teaching they support.  Many graduate students have all or part of their fees waived.  Many students seeking professional degrees are able to seek tuition reimbursements from employers.  Given all of these considerations, the consensus across the campuses was that the first priority for funds available for a rebate would be to support those students who had not yet earned baccalaureate degrees.  




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