University Procurement Office

Prompt Payments

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To ensure a quick and accurate payment, businesses should follow the guidelines below.  Please note that no business can be transacted without first obtaining a valid purchase order number or Procurement Credit Card number from the purchaser.

Shipping & Receiving

  • Any goods received must obtain a packing slip that clearly identifies those goods, including back-ordered items.
  • Packing slips must contain the University purchase order number or indicate "Procard" and the user name.
  • Please include an "attention" line on the packing slip indicating who to direct the shipment to, as well as the room number and building.


  • Invoices must reference the University purchase order number and BE SENT TO THE ADDRESS INDICATED ON THE PURCHASE ORDER.  Credit card invoices should be directed to the name on the credit card, including the room number and building used in the "ship to" address.
  • Invoices must contain line item detail of the items purchased and the unit cost of each item.
  • For time-based orders (leases, service/maintenance contracts, etc), you must secure a new or amended purchase order number to cover invoices beyond the end date.
  • When calling to inquire about payments, please have your University purchase order and invoice number ready.
  • Check and confirm that your "remit to" address is correct.  Each campus has its own AP department and to avoid any delay, make sure you have the correct remit to address for the ordering campus. 

Price Quotes

  • Prices quoted for one department must apply to all departments.
  • Your quote MUST state the percent off list price and be in terms of UNIT price.
  • Discounts must be taken off EACH LINE ITEM QUOTED, rather than off the bottom line.
  • Quotes must be submitted in the same manner as your invoice.


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