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Purchase Card Program

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The purpose of the Purchase Card Program (Procard) is to simplify the procurement and disbursement process of low-value goods and travel expenses.  The program is designed to streamline routine purchases by reducing processing time and paperwork, eliminating the need for some departmental purchase orders, expediting payments to vendors, and reducing travel reimbursements to employees.

The program is NOT intended:

  • for equipment purchases $4,999.99 and above
  • to avoid or bypass appropriate purchasing or payment procedures
  • for personal use

Using the purchase card benefits the University, the cardholder and the vendors.  Use of the procard provides better financial and cash management controls over low dollar value procurements.  Vendors receive payments more quickly and the cardholder obtains goods and services without unnecessary delays.

The purchase card is a special MasterCard credit card.  It works in much the same way as your personal credit card except the bills are sent to and paid directly by the University.  Each card has specific spending limits and card controls:

  • # of transactions per day
  • # of transactions per month
  • # of single purchase limits
  • spending limit per month
  • approved merchant category code (MMC)

Each time a vendor enters the cardholder's card number for a purchase, an electronic process verifies that the purchase is within these limits.  All transactions are approved or declined by the vendor based on the verification results.  Limits are set at the department level.

Typical Procard Purchases

Restricted Commodities

Travel Policies & Procedures can be viewed in full at

The Procard User's Guide can be viewed in full by clicking here - Procard Manual.

The PDF files on this page require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.