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Net Excess Generation Credit - REISSUED

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RFP # UP12-JH-0602-REISSUED Net Excess Generation Credits

As a result of recently passed legislation and clarifications the University of Massachusetts System has received, the University of Massachusetts System ("University") is reissuing its Request for Proposals for Net Excess Generation Credits RFP # UP12-JH-0602.

If you submitted a bid in response to this prior Request for Proposals and wish to have that bid be considered under this revised Request for Proposals, you do not have to re-submit the entire bid package.  Instead, please provide only those elements of your bid that you would like to change, if any, and indicate which components remain unchanged. Please note, however, that you must submit a notification at a minimum; otherwise the University will assume that your prior bid is being withdrawn. Please make sure you have reviewed this REISSUED RFP, as certain items have changed.

If you have submitted information responsive to the first RFP to either the University or to Competitive Energy Services ("CES") after the due date of the first Request for Proposals, you must submit all of the items comprising the bid package.  The University and/or CES will not consider any information or submissions that you may have previously provided. If you have not submitted any information previously to either the University or CES, you must submit all of the items comprising the bid package. 

The proposal submittal deadline is 2:00 pm EST, October 15, 2012. 

 Net Excess Generation Credits-REISSUE RFP

Attachment 1 CES UMass Draft Net Excess Generation Credit Sales Agreement

Attachment 2 Solar Energy Facility

Attachment 3 Quantity and Price Proposal Form

Attachment 4 Bidder Information Form








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