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RFP# UP13-DF-0402 Immigration Legal Services

The Office of General Counsel of the University of Massachusetts (the "OGC") is issuing this Request for Proposals for Immigration Legal Services ("RFP") for the full range of Immigration Legal Services that the OGC may prospectively require from time to time composed of the categories set forth in Article 1.4 of this RFP ("the Immigration Legal Services "). The OGC will evaluate submissions of all Respondent firms pursuant to the evaluation criteria set forth in this RFP. Any firm selected to provide the OGC with Immigration Legal Services will be required to execute a multi-year contract with the OGC in the form set forth in Appendix A or as further modified by the OGC.

The OGC is soliciting responses to this RFP from individuals and law firms to provide it with Immigration Legal Services. The OGC anticipates that such Immigration Legal Services shall be provided on both an "on-call basis" or in connection with specific matters that may arise from time to time. The Immigration Legal Services may be required for any of the five campuses as well as the system office.

At the conclusion of this RFP, the OGC intends to select and enter into agreements with various individuals and/or firms to assure that the OGC has ongoing and expeditious access to Immigration Legal Services providers at competitive (and preferably discounted) rates.

The response deadline is May 17, 2013, 2:00pm EST

Please refer to the attached documents for details:

RFP Document

Appendix A

Answers to Questions

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