University Procurement Office

University Procurement

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The University spends approximately $700 million per year in goods and services. The University's purchasing mandate is to maximize the value of this spending through competitive bids, efficient purchasing procedures, and the use of state-of-the-art information systems including eProcurement.

The University utilizes the latest information system technology to efficiently manage purchase orders, invoices and payments. Methods of payment include University-issued checks, wire payments, University Credit Card (Purchase Card) and eCommerce. The University is tax-exempt.

Mission of University Procurement Departments

  • Obtain all goods and services necessary for the students, faculty and staff in the most cost effective and efficient manner
  • Provide value-added service to support the teaching and research consistent with the mission of the University
  • Maintain a commitment to excellence through professional ethics and best business practices
  • Ensure compliance with all University, state and federal  policies and regulations
  • Encourage open competition among vendors through fair negotiation, competitive bidding and contract buying

Purchasing staff on each campus continuously strive to seek innovative and effective processes that do not impede, but rather facilitate the acquisition process.

Purchasing departments are located at the University's President's Office and at each of the campuses.   Purchasing Directors/Officers oversee purchasing on each campus. A University Purchasing Council establishes system-wide purchasing contracts and other multi-campus purchasing initiatives.

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