Above right: The UMass Lowell student investors with Professor Ravi Jain (seated).

Below: Elected officials, university leaders, delegates from other institutions, students, faculty, staff, family members, and friends came together for the inauguration of UMass Boston Chancellor J. Keith Motley on November 9, 2007 (first photo below) and for UMass Lowell Chancellor Martin T. Meehan on April 4, 2008 (second photo below)

Photo of J. Keith Motley Photo of Martin Meehan

UMass Foundation Board of Directors

This University recognizes the following members of the UMass Foundation Board of Directors, who served with distinction during Fiscal Year 2008 (July 1, 2007–June 30, 2008)


Jack M. Wilson, Ph.D. * † ‡; President

Edward H. D’Alelio ‘74 * †; Secretary

Roy J. Zuckerberg ‘58, ‘99 H * †; Treasurer



Richard V. Aghababian ‘74 M.D. ‡

Mark Atkins ‘71 ‡

Douglas Cliggott ‘78 * †

Stephen A. Collins ‘81 ‡

Edward H. D’Alelio ‘74 * †

Stephen R. Dunne ‘89 ‡

Grace K. Fey ‘07 H *

Stanley L. Fung ’79 *

Maria D. Furman ‘76 *

Warren J. Isabelle ‘78, ‘81 M.S. *; Parent

John D. Kattar, CFA ‘78, ‘82 M.S. * †

Mary Lynn D. Lenz

Robert M. Mahoney ‘70 ‡ †

Audit Committee Chair

James P. Pappas ‘75 *

R. Norman Peters, J.D., H ‘04

Mary L. Reed ‡

Robert R. Reitano ’71, ’72 M.A. * †

Andrew T. Rudd *


Robert K. Sheridan


Karl E. White *

Roy J. Zuckerberg ‘58, ‘99 H * †; Investment Committee Chair



Thomas W. Cole Jr., Ph.D.; Chancellor, UMass Amherst

Michael F. Collins, M.D.; Chancellor, UMass Medical School

Matthew C. Donahue, J.D.

Patricia C. Flaherty ‘81

James R. Julian Jr., J.D. * †; Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, UMass

Richard J. Lawton, J.D.; Chair, Trustee Committee on University Advancement

Stephen W. Lenhardt *; V.P. for Management & Fiscal Affairs and Treasurer, UMass

Jean F. MacCormack, Ed.D.; Chancellor, UMass Dartmouth

Robert J. Manning †; Chairman, Board of Trustees

Martin T. Meehan, J.D. ‘78; Chancellor, UMass Lowell

J. Keith Motley, Ph.D.; Chancellor, UMass Boston

Frank B. Sousa Jr.

Jack M. Wilson, Ph.D. * † ‡; President, UMasss



Victor Livingstone; Morgan Stanley

* = Investment Committee members
† = Executive Committee members
‡ = Audit Committee members


For the current list of Foundation Directors, please visit http://www.massachusetts.edu/foundation/founddirectors.html

A team of current UMass Lowell finance students invested $25,000 in stocks and other investment vehicles guided by expert advice from UMass Lowell alumni who are currently working as professional money managers. The money was provided by the University of Massachusetts Foundation as part of a competition among finance students at the University’s Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, and Lowell campuses to achieve the highest rate of return. Each campus’s student group developed a different investment strategy with the input of their professors and volunteer alumni advisors.

The UMass Lowell students are members of a Student Investment Committee advised by UMass Lowell Finance Professor Ravi Jain. The UMass Lowell team has commanded the lead since the program’s inception and won the most recent competition, which ended in May 2008. UMass Lowell’s student-managed fund ended Fiscal Year 2008 about 10 percent higher than its initial capital investment during a period when stocks and major stock indexes like the S&P 500 were tumbling—indeed, between January and June, the S&P 500 dropped nearly 13 percent.

The competition among the campus teams will continue in the next academic year. As an added incentive, when the total student-managed fund reaches $200,000, some of the proceeds will be earmarked for financial aid.