Above right: Ed D’Alelio, UMass Boston ‘74

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“The University of Massachusetts is hard at work devising new and exciting ways of reaching out to its nearly 400,000 graduates, almost two-thirds of whom live in the Commonwealth. We want our alumni to know that the University of Massachusetts is always there for them, proud of their success and eager to play a role in their professional and personal growth.”

J. Keith Motley, Ph.D., Chancellor, UMass Boston

A UMass Education Pays Dividends for Life

The University of Massachusetts Boston that he sees today reminds Ed D’Alelio of the school that served as the launching pad for his successful business career.

“The professors work hard and are close to the students. The students hustle, and the companies we have exposed them to are extremely impressed with the level of work, dedication, focus, and commitment they see from UMass students. People have a can-do attitude.”

Hard work and success are two things that D’Alelio, a 1974 graduate, associates with his alma mater.

A self-described “Dorchester guy,” D’Alelio hustled when he was a student at UMass Boston, earning a double-major degree in English and economics while working 20 hours a week in the Accounting Department at New England Life Insurance Co. “My nose was always to the grindstone, but it paid off in the long run,” notes D’Alelio, one of three brothers to graduate from UMass Boston.

It paid off in a dramatic way, with D’Alelio making a meteoric rise in the investment industry, setting the stage for the current, multi-dimensional phase in his career. This includes his role as executive in residence at UMass Boston’s College of Management and his service as a director of the University of Massachusetts Foundation and vice chairman of the Foundation’s investment committee. D’Alelio is also involved with several start-up companies, including bluewater SEPTIC, a Needham-based firm that has developed a cleaner and more efficient way of servicing septic systems, which has seen its business boom.

“This all is like a second career for me,” says D’Alelio, who describes himself as “semi-retired,” but has a schedule and scope of activities that reflect his well-honed work ethic.

D’Alelio, who lives in Hingham with his wife Dawn and their twin sons, remembers the moment he set his sights on the investment business. “I was working in the Accounting Department at New England Life—hundreds of metal desks in the old insurance company format—and one day they said to me: ‘You’ve got to go upstairs and get these tickets signed in the investment department.’”

“I was a young guy. I didn’t really process what insurance companies did. I knew they had insurance policies but I didn’t know they had investment assets against that, so I took the elevator up to the ninth floor and it was like Mount Olympus. It was mahogany desks and marble busts, and I said: ‘This is where I want to work.’”

So began a career that took D’Alelio to a top position at Putnam Investments and into the upper reaches of the investment profession. “I got in early, just as high-yield bonds were about to take off. That was my rocket ship.”

Nearly 40 years after he arrived at UMass Boston, D’Alelio enjoys being back on campus.

“The students are terrific. They’re very eager around anyone with experience in the investment business or finance,” says D’Alelio, who advises the UMass Boston student investment team. “UMass students take things seriously. They know there’s an endgame here for them. They know they’re going to come out of here with a great education and are going to be able to leverage that to do whatever they want to do in life.”

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