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University of Massachusetts Presidential Search Committee to meet

BOSTON - The University of Massachusetts Presidential Search Committee is scheduled to meet at 7:30 a.m. on January 13 to continue its work. The search committee was formed in March 2010 and given the task of selecting finalist candidates to succeed UMass President Jack M. Wilson, who will step down on June 30.

The search committee held its most recent meeting on December 16, 2010, and at the time said it was ready to invite some presidential candidates back for second interviews.

"Over the past nine months, we have conducted a search that has been fair, comprehensive and thorough. Our search has attracted top quality candidates and our candidate pool remains strong and diverse. Now, we are ready to move into the next stage of this process, a stage that I am confident will lead to the selection of outstanding finalist candidates," Search Committee Chairman James J. Karam said after the Dec. 16 meeting.

If the University of Massachusetts Presidential Search Committee does select finalist candidates at its next meeting, the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees will hold a special meeting at 2:30 on January 13 to consider the selection of a new President.

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