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Trustee Chairman's Charge To President Search Committee

Robert J. Manning, Chairman
University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees
Charge to the Presidential Search Committee

May 3, 2010

The University of Massachusetts Presidential Search Committee was established on March 25 to assist the Board of Trustees with the single most important task that the Board can undertake: the selection of a leader for the five-campus University of Massachusetts system.

Our University has made many advances and faced many challenges since it last selected a President. The future of the University will be filled with many new challenges and opportunities as it moves forward. Choosing the right leader for this time will require diligent work from this Committee, input from many constituencies and ultimately the best judgment of the Board of Trustees.

The Committee's charge is to conduct a national search for candidates for President of the University of Massachusetts. The Committee shall:

  • Solicit nominations and applications from all interested parties to ensure a large and diverse pool of applicants.
  • Evaluate all applications and nominations.
  • Maintain an appropriate degree of confidentiality for all applicants in the context of the open meeting and public records laws of the Commonwealth.
  • Submit to the Board of Trustees at the earliest possible date an unranked list of those candidates deemed by the Committee to be worthy of final consideration.

The Trustees, alumni, faculty members, community members and the student who have agreed to serve on the Search Committee have made a generous commitment of time and energy to the University. You are deserving of the entire University's gratitude for taking on this demanding assignment. The University will conduct an open, comprehensive national search, and I am confident that this process will conclude with the selection of an outstanding new President who will then lead the University of Massachusetts into a new era of progress and growth.