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Kay Doyle, Ph.D.

Professor, Program Director and Department Chair of the Department of Clinical Laboratory and Nutritional Sciences, UMass Lowell

Kay DoyleDr. Kay Doyle is a passionate advocate who has demonstrated a longstanding dedication to enhancing lives through developing strong partnerships between science and people who are influenced by it.  As a scientist and global leader within the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), participating in the certification of medical laboratory professionals in this country and extending standards for Laboratory Medicine across the world, Dr. Doyle's service and commitment know no boundaries.

The ASCP is the oldest, largest, and most influential professional organization in laboratory medicine in the U.S. It has assumed global leadership as many countries seek ASCP certification, education products, and membership. Dr. Doyle currently serves on the Certification Board of Registry, Board of Governors, and various board committees. She has been part of an international effort to extend ASPC's standards for Laboratory Medicine to South Korea, Panama, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, and Guyana, with many more to come. In 2008 she was nominated to the ASCP Institute Advisory Committee, where she has worked on national and global issues of Laboratory Medicine.

Laboratory Medicine is an important profession because most physicians' prognoses are based on lab work. "You need to know a lot about the basic science of lab tests and medicine related to disease pathologies, and have a detailed understanding of instrumentation," Dr. Doyle said. She pointed out that the majority of Laboratory Medicine professionals are female.

The ASCP has certified hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. "There is quite a long list of countries who want certification - this is just the beginning," Dr. Doyle said. "It will help bring these countries to a high standard of excellence."

Part of Dr. Doyle's motivation is to increase awareness of this important profession, both for the goal of student recruitment and to increase public knowledge. For her, it's important to address the decrease in students going into math and science, which has major implications for the workforce and for America's competitiveness in the world. She wants to be a role model for those who might be interested in those fields. It is also important to educate the general public. "Everything you do is related to science, whether it's your phone or the car you drive or the food you eat," she said. "We need a better appreciation for science."

Laboratory medicine is a hidden field according to Dr. Doyle. One of her goals is to maintain the quality of the field, because without that quality physicians' prognoses would be in jeopardy.

Dr. Doyle has served on the board of the Greater Lowell Community Foundation for more than ten years. Her leadership helped the Foundation's assets grow from zero to about $20 million, with about 200 community endowments in its portfolio. Through its grant programs, more than $3.5 million has been distributed to nonprofit organizations since 1997.

Giving back to the community has taught Dr. Doyle much about how other people have had an influence on her life. "Volunteering puts you in contact with people who can see beyond themselves, and their own needs, working for the greater good for all," she said. "Associating with people like this on a regular basis is transformative and will have a very positive influence on your own life."

Dr. Doyle has taught at UMass Lowell since 1981. She loves working with the students there, saying that "they really appreciate the value of an education and the opportunities they have. Because of this, I always describe UMass Lowell as an 'American Dream' University because we get to see the American Dream come true every day, particularly at graduation time."
Both Dr. Doyle and her husband went to UMass Amherst, and their two daughters attended there as well. She earned her master's and Ph.D. at the University of Lowell which is now UMass Lowell.

Dr. Doyle is Professor, Program Director and Department Chair of the Department of Clinical Laboratory and Nutritional Sciences at UMass Lowell. She served as Interim Dean in 2008-2009.


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