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Physical Security

Are there any physical safeguards required for my computer?

University Responsible/Acceptable Use of Computing and Data Resources require the following physical safeguards for University owned computers:

  • PC keys should be properly secured and not left unattended.
  • All workstations and microcomputer/PC systems are outfitted with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, electrical power filters, or surge suppressers, as appropriate.
  • If environmental conditions pose a significant risk of static electricity discharge, all potentially effected workstations and microcomputers/PCs are outfitted with static protection equipment. This ensures that the discharge of static electricity does not damage computer equipment or data.
  • Appropriate hardware and software security (e.g., cable lockdowns; password access control; data compression and encryption; audit log of access, updates; etc.) is placed on all microcomputers/PCs and transportable computers which have Private, Restricted or Confidential data stored in them (i.e., on the local drive).

Policy Referenced : Responsible/Acceptable use of Computing and Data Resources (PDF)

Date Revised : 2006-03-22

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