UMass Unveils New Video Spots

Students Find Passion and Purpose


Passion and PurposeThe University of Massachusetts educates 66,000 students a year and each student has a story, each student has a passion and each student hopes to touch the world in his or her own way. In the following 30-second video spots, students from the five UMass campuses talk about their plans for building a better world and a brighter future - and describe how the University of Massachusetts has prepared them to make a difference. In a shorter video spot, President Jack M. Wilson invites students to find their passion and purpose at the University of Massachusetts.
Cornelius Taabazuing of UMass Amherst is pursuing a career in research and has strong interests in two areas: cancer research and research aimed at combating the rising tide of drug-resistant bacteria.

Adanma Osakwe, a UMass Boston student, sees economic development as the key to improving living conditions in her native Nigeria and will work to bring prosperity to her homeland.

Jennifer Benson, a marine sciences student at UMass Dartmouth, sees healthy eel grass beds as the key to keeping coastal waterways clean and vibrant.


Brianna Norton of UMass Lowell is the founder of Nursing Students Without Borders and wants to bring high-quality health care to the developing world.


John Fallon of UMass Medical School visited the Worcester campus on a high school field trip and says that visit set him on a course that is leading him to a career as a surgeon.