Office of the General Counsel

Responding to Outside Attorneys

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When you receive calls from private attorneys representing their clients in dealing with the University, generally the easiest and best response for you is to say that the University is represented by the General Counsel's Office and to provide the calling attorney with the appropriate legal office number.  Once a private attorney knows that you are represented by counsel, he or she will deal directly with a University attorney.  We will be in touch with you or whoever at the University can help us properly respond to whatever issues arise.  If you know (or can guess) what the attorney on the phone is calling about, we would appreciate a call from you immediately so we can be better informed when we receive the attorney's call.

If a private attorney shows up unexpectedly at a meeting, you may wish to inform him or her that you were not expecting an attorney, and that you wish to defer the meeting until you have had the opportunity to talk with the General Counsel's Office.

If you receive a letter from a private attorney (for tort claims and Chapter 258 claims, [link], forward the letter to us along with background information on the issue it raises.  We will be in touch with you and will draft or work with you in drafting an appropriate response.

Just remember the general rule that as an employee performing services for the University, you are represented by counsel and that attorneys in our office are available to respond to any communication from other attorneys.

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