Office of the General Counsel

Responding to Chapter 258 Claims

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Chapter 258 of the Massachusetts General Laws governs most claims against the Commonwealth, including the University.

If you receive a letter asking for damages due to loss or injury, or stating that the letter is sent in accordance with Chapter 258 of the General Laws, please forward it to this office.  By statute the claimants must send these letters to the Attorney General's office.  We respond to any claim letters sent to University officials, and we advise claimants of the proper filing procedure.   Personal injury or property damage claims, including auto accident claims, are managed in conjunction with the University's risk management office. The risk management office has an established process for claim investigations on each campus. 

The University carries general liability insurance which covers most of these claims.   Information about insurance policies, claims management, releases, and settlements can be found on the Risk Management web site:

After investigation, the GCO and Risk management confer to determine the potential liability for the University.   Decisions on whether to settle claims will be made in consultation each campus; settlements over $2500, but within our deductible, will require approval by the Attorney General and will then be paid by the state Comptroller.

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