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UMass Tops List for Commercial Ventures and Licensing Income in Massachusetts for the First Time

Boston, November 28, 2005 -- The results of a recent survey by the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) show that for the first time, the University of Massachusetts ranked at the top in the Commonwealth for technology licensing income.
For universities reporting licensing income above $10 million, the University of Massachusetts was placed 11th nationally by AUTM. The University's licensing income has grown from $195,000 in Fiscal Year 1994 to more than $26 million in Fiscal Year 2004. Much of this growth is particularly due to the success in licensing at the UMass Medical School.
Upon reviewing the most recent results, University of Massachusetts President Jack M. Wilson said, "This latest survey confirms the high quality of research that is being done at all five of our campuses. We are attracting many of the brightest researchers and students and the products of their work are being acquired by entrepreneurs both here in Massachusetts and across the nation. The revenue numbers speak for themselves. These figures translate directly into the creation of new companies and new jobs that would not exist without this significant investment and concerted effort."
U.S. colleges and universities collected $1.034 billion in revenues from licenses on new drugs, agricultural products, high-tech components and other breakthrough technologies during Fiscal Year 2004, the second highest total ever, slightly less than the $1.076 total in Fiscal Year 2000.
Research funding at University of Massachusetts campuses in Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, Lowell and Worcester has grown steadily in recent years. In FY2000, the University generated $237.8 million in research funds. In FY2004, the total was $354.9 million. This growth was driven by the University's increasing success in raising federal funds for its research programs, particularly from the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.
Recent examples of research successes that have been commercialized include:

  • Gene-silencing technology known as "RNA interference" (RNAI) that has tremendous potential for fighting diseases - developed at the UMass Medical School, this technology has been licensed to more than a dozen companies, including the Worcester start-up CytRx
  • Break-through polymer research at UMass-Lowell led to the creation of the Lowell-based Konarka Technologies, Inc. Konarka is a world leader in the field of flexible, low-cost photovoltaic cells that convert light into energy
  • Software technologies developed at UMass-Amherst that can automatically deliver and grade homework assignments and help elementary school students learn data analysis concepts, have been licensed to Thompson Learning and are in commercial use
  • Research at UMass-Lowell that resulted in specially designed anti-oxidants was the basis of the start-up company, Polnox, which specializes in production and sale of these superior anti-oxidants. Polnox is located in Lowell; and
  • A UMass Medical School investigator contributed to the discovery of an improvement to Clarinex that was licensed to Sepracor, a Marlborough company

Universities With Licensing Income Above $10-Million, Fiscal 2004
Institution Licensing Income
New York U. $109,023,125
U. of California system $74,275,000
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, U. of Wisconsin at Madison $47,689,165
Stanford U. $47,272,397
U. of Minnesota $45,550,764
U. of Florida $37,402,284
Michigan State U. $36,402,250
Wake Forest U. $34,296,000
U. of Colorado System $34,128,958
U. of Rochester $33,736,882
U. of Massachusetts $26,258,577
Massachusetts Institute of Technology $25,781,923
U. of Washington, Washington Research Foundation $22,808,483
Emory U. $22,517,830
Harvard U. $16,654,975
U. of Utah $14,510,087
Florida State U. $14,316,563
State U. of New York Research Foundation $13,363,714
U. of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas $11,541,081
Case Western Reserve U. $11,028,447
U. of Iowa Research Foundation $10,712,706
U. of Michigan $10,633,528

SOURCE: Association of University Technology Managers


Contacts: Robert P. Connolly, 617.287.7073; Bill Wright, 617.287.7065


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