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University of Massachusetts announces $1,100 student fee rebate

BOSTON -- President Jack M. Wilson today announced that the University of Massachusetts is moving forward on its fee-rebate plans and that in-state, undergraduate students will receive a $1,100 rebate during the upcoming academic year. The rebate was set in motion by Gov. Patrick's dedication of federal stimulus funds to the University.

The effect of the rebate is to reduce this year's fee increase for in-state undergraduates to a cost-of-living level of $400, which means that for the sixth consecutive year, the student-charge increase at the University of Massachusetts will be at or below the rate of inflation. While exact details are still being worked out, there would likely be a $550 rebate in the fall semester, followed by a $550 rebate in the spring.

Financial aid recipients may not see much change in their net cost of education because for many aid recipients, the $1,500 fee increase has already been offset by a corresponding increase in financial aid.

"We are able to go forward with this rebate because of funding steps taken by Gov. Patrick and the Legislature. We appreciate the leadership and support that Gov. Patrick, Senate President Murray and Speaker DeLeo have demonstrated on this issue. The Governor and the Legislature have made excellence and affordability at UMass a top priority," President Wilson added.

Earlier this year, with UMass facing a $102 million revenue shortfall for Fiscal Year 2010, the University instituted a $1,500 fee increase for academic year 2009-2010. At the time, University officials said they hoped that fiscal circumstances would allow them to rebate a significant portion of the fee increase. That has been made possible by UMass receiving a state appropriation of $412 million for Fiscal Year 2010 and through two installments of federal stimulus funds through the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund.

"Particularly in these challenging economic times, we are pleased to be able to provide our students and their families with a significant fee rebate. Our consistent position has been to keep student-charge increases as low as possible, thereby ensuring access and affordability," President Wilson said.

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